2023’s Top VR Scary Games To Try. How Brave Are You?

The way we play video games has altered due to virtual reality. The medium enables us to participate in the game and view the screen from the comfort of our living rooms. Since interactivity heightens the experience and makes it scarier, the horror genre has benefited the most from the development of VR technology.

Plunging players into the action make the experience considerably scary and more intense. We are currently in a new, golden age of horror video games. Some of the most frightful VR games are compiled in the list below.

1. Arizona Sunshine

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First-person shooter Arizona Sunshine offers lots of opportunities to kill zombies. Although the game’s principles and story are rather typical for the zombie genre, it succeeds in terms of graphics, gameplay, and level design.

Both melee weapons and ammunition are scarce. You’ll want to conserve ammo and improve your aim since there won’t be much ammo available along the route, and there will be a lot of zombie hordes to kill. Fortunately, the gunplay is top-notch.

Multiplayer is another area where Arizona Sunshine shines. A fun way to play with your pals is through co-op and multiplayer modes. VoIP allows you to communicate with your pals and play together in the game by trading ammo. You will have to do this since ammunition in multiplayer mode gets much more scarce.


2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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The rush of Blood is very different from Until Dawn, a narrative-driven interactive horror film where kids are killed off one by one based on the player’s choices. The two games are unrelated in many aspects, contrary to what you may expect. They are two distinctly different horror stories.

Instead of taking place in a log cabin in the woods, Rush of Blood takes place on a roller coaster from hell. It is regarded as one of the best and most well-known VR experiences currently accessible. You’ll scream on this roller coaster, but not for typical reasons.


3. Resident Evil 4 (VR Content)

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Resident Evil 4 is being remade for the PS5’s next generation by Capcom, and it will support the PlayStation VR 2. The announcement included the cryptic note, “Content for Playstation VR 2 also in development,” which could mean that the remake will not be fully playable in VR like Resident Evil Village. It has yet to be determined whether the remake will be fully playable in VR or only feature a special VR mode.


4. Wilson’s Heart

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Wilson’s Heart is a chilling psychological suspense novel that will have you questioning whether Wilson is insane and whether you’re not too far behind. Wilson’s Heart builds a tense atmosphere with a variety of enemies rather than focusing on jump scares (although there are some).

Wilson’s Heart contains a lot of 40s-era creatures and clichés, so you might expect it to come out as campy and cheesy, but the game’s excellent graphics, narrative, and voice acting keep it feeling fresh and spooky.


5. Phasmophobia

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Phasmophobia will be adored by those who liked the PT or the playable teaser from the canceled Silent Hills. It’s a close encounter. With only their flashlight, the player skulks through a deserted house, looking for something crucial while the game gradually plays with their senses.

This is particularly terrifying in virtual reality because you know that soon something terrible will target you. And you’d be right; something dreadful is present in the house with you and will eventually find you.

Phasmophobia does enable multiplayer, so you can go ghost-hunting with your pals. This is one of its best features.

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