33% of Americans will own Bitcoin by the end of 2022, according to a major financial advisor

  • Ric Edelman said he expects cryptocurrencies to be widely accepted as even traditional players are entering the sector.
  • An increasing number of cryptocurrency users / owners are comfortable getting their salaries in digital assets.

The number of cryptocurrency users / owners in the United States is growing faster than expected. During a recent interview on CNBC, Ric Edelman of Edelman Financial Engines said that he expects Bitcoin to be owned by a third of all Americans by the end of 2022.

Edelman goes on to explain the reason behind this massive adoption of Bitcoin. Currently, less than 10% of Americans have already invested in Bitcoin. He said Bitcoin is becoming mainstream not only among retail players, but also among institutional players and traditional institutions.

Governments, companies and pension funds are getting exposed to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. In addition, other investment advisors are increasingly involved with Bitcoin. Edelman expects this trend to become more common and expand in the future.

Unlike other market analysts, Edelman remains confident that the US SEC will approve a Bitcoin ETF spot this year, in 2022. If this happens true, we can expect a massive influx of Bitcoin liquidity. The SEC has so far rejected many applications for Bitcoin Spot ETF.

Edelman believes the US SEC has no apology as many of its concerns about manipulation and investor safety have been resolved.

54% of cryptonauts are willing to accept salaries in Bitcoin

One of the leading specialized payment platforms, Paysafe, has recently conducted a survey showing that 54 percent of cryptocurrency owners are willing to accept their salaries in digital assets. The survey was conducted among 2,000 crypto owners from the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of the main reasons is that people consider digital assets as smart investments. In addition, they also believe that crypto gives them greater financial flexibility. These crypto owners also believe that encrypted payments will be the key to mass adoption. The press release notes:

In addition, 22% of all cryptocurrency owners said they would invest more in encryption if more retailers adopted it as a form of payment, while 17% said the same if more countries accepted cryptocurrency as legal tender. Overall, 59% of respondents agree that a lack of real-life applications for cryptocurrencies, such as payments, is preventing cryptocurrencies from reaching their full potential.

Commenting on all these findings, Chirag Patel, General Manager of Digital Wallets at Paysafe, said: “Interest in defi and metaverse has recently reached a whole new level and with it, the positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies continues to grow. . However, it is clear that many people continue to cry for more practical use cases to bring crypto into real life, especially being able to use it as a payment method, and this is something we are committed to powered by Paysafe.

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