5 Key Points About Personal Watercraft Insurance Coverage

When enjoying the waters on personal watercrafts (PWCs) like Sea-Doo, WaveRunner, or Jet Ski, safety is paramount. Alongside safety gear, it’s essential to protect your investment with adequate personal watercraft insurance coverage. Your homeowner or auto insurance may not fully cover PWCs, making specialized insurance crucial. Here are five important factors to consider when purchasing PWC insurance:

1. Specific PWC Insurance Policy:

  • A comprehensive PWC insurance policy generally covers bodily injury, property damage, and medical payments.
  • Policies often include deductibles for property damage, theft, and medical payments.
  • Liability coverage provides financial protection if you’re held liable for a covered accident.

2. Individual PWC Coverage:

  • Each PWC you own requires its own insurance coverage.
  • While multiple PWCs can be covered under a single policy, discuss options with your agent.

3. Coverage for Operators:

  • Most PWC policies cover both the owner/operator and individuals using the PWC with permission.
  • Coverage includes damage to other crafts or docks, bodily injury due to negligence, negligence of another operator, and more.
  • Check your policy’s details to ensure you have the desired coverage.

4. Policy Limitations:

  • Some policies may not cover modifications that enhance speed and performance.
  • Carefully review policy terms to understand the extent of coverage and any limitations.

5. Additional Coverage Options:

  • Explore coverage extras such as:
    • Replacement cost coverage for personal items lost or damaged onboard.
    • Actual cash value coverage for PWC damage during use.
    • Roadside assistance for tow vehicle or trailer issues.
    • Coverage for raising and removing a sunken PWC.

Enjoy the upcoming summer with confidence by obtaining a free personal watercraft insurance quote. Ensure your PWC is adequately covered for potential damage and medical payments, and have peace of mind while indulging in water adventures.

For personalized assistance and explore your jet ski insurance options, request a quote from a trusted provider.

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