59 companies, ETFs and some countries put Bitcoin (BTC) on their balance sheet according to 2021 data

  • According to the Bitcoin Treasury list, 59 countries, ETFs and companies have currently added Bitcoin to their balance sheet.
  • The remaining total is 1,499,493 BTC valued at approximately $ 72,000 million at current prices.

In August 2020, Microstrategy Michael Saylor added $ 250 million worth of Bitcoin to its balance sheet. This started a trend with many other companies following suit. By the end of 2020, 1.1 million BTC ($ 53 billion) had been added to 29 companies, representing 5.48 percent of the 21 million Bitcoin supply. As of March 1, 2021, 49 companies had placed 1,350,073 BTC ($ 65 billion) on their balance sheet, representing 6.43 percent of total Bitcoin supply. According to the Bitcoin Treasury list, 59 companies, ETFs and countries currently have Bitcoin on their balance sheet.

The remaining total is 1,499,493 BTC (72,000 million dollars). This represents 7.14 percent of the total Bitcoin supply. Bulgaria is one of the countries on the list that owns Bitcoin, however, there are controversies over its situation. Some reports claim that the 213,519 BTC ($ 10 billion) owned by Bulgaria has been sold. This goes back to 2018, when Bulgarian Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov revealed that his holdings were sold to various wealth funds and Asian investors.

According to the report, each Bitcoin was sold for 15,000 euros ($ 17,000) and was facilitated by the FBI and Deloitte. If the value owned by Bulgaria, as shown on the Exchequer list, is deducted, then the various companies, ETFs and countries own 1,285,974 BTC (62,000 million dollars). The United Kingdom is some of the countries remaining on the Treasury list, with 46,351 BTC ($ 2 billion), Georgia with 66 BTC ($ 3 million), El Salvador 1,391 BTC ($ 67 million) and Finland with 1981 BTC ($ 95 million).

Microstrategy has the largest amount of Bitcoin among Listed Companies – Bitcoin Treasury List

Among listed companies, Microstrategy has the largest number of Bitcoins on its balance sheet with 122,478 BTC ($ 5.9 billion), followed by Tesla with 42.902 BTC ($ 2 billion), and Galaxy Digital with 16,400 BTC ($ 792 million). ). Voyager Digital LTD has 12,260 BTC ($ 592 million) on its balance sheet, Square Inc has 8,027 BTC ($ 387 million), and Marathon Digital Holding has 7,649 BTC ($ 369 million).

The list also includes MOGO Financing (18 BTC), Coinbase Global Inc (4482), and Phunware Inc (127 BTC).

Among the private companies with Bitcoin on their balance sheet, has the largest number, with 140,000 BTC ($ 6.7 billion), followed by the Tezos Foundation, which has 17,500 BTC ($ 845 million), and Stone Ridge Holdings Group, with 10,000 BTC ($ 482 million).

It should be noted that 14 funds currently hold 809,848 BTC (39,000 million dollars), of which the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has the largest number of Bitcoins (648,069 BTC), equivalent to (31,000 million dollars). CoinShare / XBT currently holds 48,466 BTC ($ 2 billion), followed by Objective Bitcoin ETF, which holds 22,411 BTC ($ 1 billion).

Experts predict that more institutions will participate in Bitcoin and Microstrategy is expected to buy more Bitcoins. This is expected to have a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin. According to PlanB, Bitcoin will hit at least $ 100,000.

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