Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000, 2 more countries will accept BTC as legal offer: these are President Bukele’s predictions for 2022

  • President El Salvador Bukele has made some bold predictions about Bitcoin for 2022 supporting Bitcoin hitting the long-awaited $ 100K price target.
  • Since accepting Bitcoin as a legal offer, the Bukele government has been willing to buy Bitcoin dips and now has over 1,300 BTC in their chest.

It’s a new year and while Bitcoin disappointed many at the end of the year, the crypto community has an air of hope in the new year. One of those hoping for Bitcoin to win again is El Salvador President Nayib Bukele. The president, whose actions and opinions in 2021 influenced the cryptocurrency market, has some predictions about what to expect from Bitcoin this year. One of the most welcome predictions is that the digital asset will hit the long – awaited $ 100,000. This target put the public out in 2021 after a disappointing fourth quarter.

In a tweet, President Bukele shared some of his predictions about Bitcoin for 2022. Another welcome prediction is that two other countries will accept Bitcoin as a legal offer. El Salvador was the first to do this, and while it has been widely welcomed in the crypto community, the country is under political pressure from the international community.

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This particular prediction has been shared by other prominent people, such as Bitmex cryptocurrency exchange CEO Alex Hoeptner, who said last year that there will be at least five countries that will accept Bitcoin as a legal offer by the end of 2022.

There are also two other predictions that directly affect your country. First, the president confirms that construction of the Bitcoin city of El Salvador will begin. With this city, the State aims to lead digital education, sustainable energy reserves and the development of green mining in the world.

The second is that the country’s Volcano bonds will be oversubscribed. El Salvador plans to issue US $ 1 billion in 10-year bonds denominated in US dollars paying 6.5%. Half of the funds will go to geothermal-powered Bitcoin infrastructure and mining. The stash will be subject to a five-year lockout period, after which the government will start selling its Bitcoins and paying an additional dividend to investors.

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President Bukele promised a “huge” surprise at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in which he is expected to be one of the speakers. CEO of microstrategy Michael Saylor, Adam Back, and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang are also expected to take the stage.

While the president is happy with the country’s investment in Bitcoin, there were some concerns. Late last year, Salvadorans claimed that Bitcoin was disappearing from its state – controlled Chivo wallet.

At press time, Bitcoin was trading for $ 46,000 while still struggling to exceed $ 50,000. If Bukele’s prediction is correct, it means that the digital asset will more than double its current position. With analysts and influencers in the crypto space expecting more institutional investment in the new year and growing interest in hedging assets against rising inflation, many expect Bitcoin to continue on an upward trajectory.

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