Cryptocurrencies says «Cryptocurrencies are a» Dangerous Thing, «says former US President Donald Trump

  • Former US President Donald Trump has expressed his skepticism about cryptocurrencies, calling them «dangerous» and an impending explosion that will embarrass Big Tech.
  • He praised his wife ‘s commitment to NFTs and said his «impartial Social Truth platform» will be great. «

Longtime cryptocurrency critic, and former POTUS Donald Trump, has held up cryptocurrencies again despite their apparent growth over the past decade. Trump spoke to Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network over the weekend. In addition to cryptocurrencies, he commented on a recent project by his wife NFT and his proposed social media platform Truth Social.

«What do you think about cryptocurrencies?» Bartiromo asked, adding that «New York and Miami are actually putting cryptocurrencies into their financial systems.»

Trump reiterated his preference for the dollar above all else, claiming that people would be ignorant of the dangers that are unfolding in crypto.

I never liked it because I like to have the dollar. I think the currency should be like the dollar, so I was never a big fan. But it’s spreading more and more, and no one is doing anything about it… Look, I need a currency called the dollar.

Cryptocurrencies will explode like never before – Trump

He went on to warn of the shameful irresistibility of cryptocurrencies, saying:

And that could be an explosion one day – like we’ve never seen. It will make the big tech explosion look like a child’s thing. I think it’s a very dangerous thing.

In June, Trump called the major cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, a «scam» and called for stricter regulation. In August, he called the whole thing a «disaster waiting to happen.» His suspicions remained strong despite some of his followers showing their support for him through crypto tokens such as Trump Coin and MAGA Coin. The second is an abbreviation of his more resonant campaign slogan «Make America Great Again.»

Trump talks about NFTs and Social Truth

Trump, however, seems to be entertaining himself with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital collections backed by the same blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies. A few days ago, first lady Melania Trump announced the launch of her NFTs titled “Melania’s Vision”, along with her newly launched Solana blockchain marketplace. Trump commented on his wife’s NFT project, saying:

He’s going to do great … He’s great imagination. And people love our ex-first lady, I promise you. They really do, they love it.

As for Social Truth, Trump is confident it will be a great alternative for Silicon Valley internet companies, which he says are biased against him and other conservative voices. The platform’s official website promotes it as a «Big Tent» platform that supports «open, free and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.»

Recall that Trump dishonestly banned Twitter permanently in January for «inciting violence.» In retaliation, he developed Truth Social, which he now says is «going to be huge.» The national launch of the platform is planned for early next year.

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