Cryptocurrency Expert Lark Davis Sees Two Big Advances For The Sector In 2022

  • More banks will turn to cryptocurrencies, as their customers want.
  • NFTs will be on every TV screen because a global actor started.

A quick glance at the charts tells us: Not much has changed recently and it seems like a pretty dull moment for Bitcoin, even though some altcoins have performed well in the last few days. But most of the market is following Bitcoin and it seems a bit sad at the moment. What we need is more money to enter the market.

Over the past few days, the Bitcoin hash rate has broken a new high. After the Chinese ban, there was a huge drop in the hash rate. The miners emigrated to Kazakhstan, Texas, Russia … everywhere. The new ATH hash rate means they are back in business.

And there is more good news: internationally, banks are waking up. Last year many banks jumped on the Bitcoin train and the only reason we saw no more was the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the regulatory landscape. No bank can be comfortable in all jurisdictions. But in Italy, one felt comfortable enough to launch a Bitcoin service.

An Italian bank goes into Bitcoin

Banki Generali, an Italian bank with $ 87 billion in assets, is reported to integrate Bitcoin services on its platform earlier this year through a partnership with Bitcoin company Conio. More than 300,000 Generali Banca clients will soon be able to create a bitcoin wallet directly in their bank account, a function that will be made possible thanks to Conio, a financial technology company founded by two Italians in San Francisco in which Generali Banking is a a great investor.

The two companies started their partnership in December 2020 and will launch the new feature soon. Once completed, the integration of the Conio platform within Private Generali Private Bank’s mobile banking application will give the customer direct access to Bitcoin trading using the same environment already used for other banking operations.

Lark Davis sees this development as the beginning of a new chapter on bank involvement in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sooner or later, he says, people will probably be able to store NFTs at their bank and the bank is likely to incorporate services for some other major cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin is still the top cryptocurrency, which is “gold 2.0,” as Davis calls it.

For banks it’s like selling gold to people and that’s what they have been doing for a long time. 300,000 new customers with $ 87 billion in assets between them. Sure, the money will come in – As soon as the roads are built, the cars will scatter on them.


The Ethereum NFT market will explode in the early days of 2022 after OpenSea marked another $ 3 billion. Bored Monkeys Yacht Club and XCOPY are the biggest winners, with OpenSea scoring the best trading volume day in months.

Is it the start of an important new cycle for NFTs? Samsung is taking it to the next level in terms of adoptions, as by 2022 Samsung’s MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame TV ranges will support non – consumable signals, including on – screen market.

A cryptocurrency wallet, of course, must be part of that landscape. It will be possible to send Bitcoin through your TV, play video games and get NFTs, watch TV programs called NFTs … all this is yet to come. And if Samsung, as a global player, is doing this, rivals will follow suit.

More information: Samsung Goes Big on NFTs with New NFT Explorer and TV – based Market Aggregator

Javier Marquez

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