When is Cyber ​​Monday? Are there discounts?

Known as “Cyber ​​Monday” always promises discounts and bargains that are not available on Black Friday

November is full of discounts. Before Christmas arrives, the well-known Black Friday arrives. But this is not the only event in which bargains and opportunities can be found in Spain before the end of the year. But since on Black Friday you may not find what you are looking for and, in addition, the date changes from year to year, it is normal to ask yourself, when is Cyber ​​Monday?

The nature of this date is different from that of Black Friday. Although on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving), discounts are available in physical establishments (this is how it was born), Cyber ​​Monday, in principle, is not. It is called that (its translation: Cyber ​​Monday) because the discounts are only for purchases made online.

It was born as a response from small businesses to large establishments, which monopolized the majority of sales made on Black Friday , due to the aggressive discounts that their large business structures allowed them to make. The truth is that these, the large groups and brands, have also joined this date.

In order to take advantage of it, many are already considering when Black Friday 2022 is. This year, the specific date will be Monday, November 28, 2022 , and it will apply to all purchases made in electronic stores on that day.

And what is Cyber ​​Week?

Still, in many ads and websites you can see another term: Cyber ​​Week. Its translation would be Cyber ​​Week. This indicates that there are some businesses that extend these offers for a longer time. In other words, it is nothing more than an extension of the offers for 7 days.

Every year, Cyber ​​Week begins with Cyber ​​Monday and lasts until the Sunday of said week. In this way, on those websites that offer it, you can find significant discounts from Monday, November 28 to Sunday, December 4, 2022.

What you didn’t know about Cyber ​​Monday

Its origin, as already explained, resides in small businesses, which sought a way to counteract the hegemony of large businesses on Black Friday. However, something caused this to be done on Monday and not over the weekend. Why?

One theory states that this could have to do with the time in which it originated, in 2005 . At that time, many Americans (the country where this event was born) did not have an Internet connection at home. Therefore, if these offers were moved to Monday, there were more sales opportunities, since many would make purchases from office computers.

Although it applies to all sectors (clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, books, music…) in truth, both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are more successful in the technology and household appliances sector. This is because, working by discount percentages and having these products at high prices, the difference is more noticeable.

Cyber ​​Monday (and Week) are a second chance for all those who have not found an opportunity that fits them on Black Friday. In addition, on these other dates there may be offers that did not exist on the well-known Black Friday, so sometimes it is worth waiting to let the weekend pass and try again on Cyber ​​Monday.

Likewise, it is important to always take a good look at the offers, because not all of them are as such. The OCU has warned on numerous occasions of “false discounts”. This means that, although an initial price, the discount and the reduced price are marked, many establishments have previously raised prices and then lowered it again on these dates. For this reason, there are so-called offer verifiers, which are websites that keep a history of the prices of the websites with electronic businesses and assess the quality of the supposed discounts.

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