EOS founder Dan Larimer wants to create a «killing app» for EOS this year

  • Dan Larimer says his New Year’s resolution is to build a brand new app for EOS and make it a platform for DAO’s creation and growth.
  • He promised a white paper in the coming weeks and said his team is working on the brand «to change the world.»

Could 2022 be the year of the ever-deteriorating EOS? Dan Larimer thinks so, and plans to lead this return. The founder of EOS, which has already left its post on the blockchain network, promised a flagship app for the network this year, saying it is polishing the white paper and will publish it in the coming weeks.

If ever there was a blockchain project that showed great promise but did not meet expectations, it is EOS. The network was launched in June 2018 with great luck, and was dubbed the ultimate Ethereum killer. Promising to be the Windows blockchain, it soon attracted huge investor interest and ended up with the largest ICO to date, raising more than $ 4 billion. Its impact and ecosystem have since diminished, resulting in a dispute between the public and developers.

The guy who started it all is trying to bring EOS back to the top. He has declared:

2022 is going to be epic. The momentum is building and things are moving. My New Year’s resolution is to roll out the groundbreaking app that will make EOS the platform to virally create, grow and engage DAO community.

Can you revive EOS?

If anyone can revive EOS, that’s Larimer. The computer scientist is one of the biggest contributors to the world of blockchain. In 2013, he co-founded BitShares, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. He would later build Steemit, a decentralized social media platform before launching EOS.

It is famous for launching the proof-of-concept delegated algorithm, which is now used in many blockchain networks. And who can forget when he adopted Satoshi Nakamoto himself in 2009 about whether centralization leads to proof of work.

«If you do not believe me or do not understand, I do not have time to try to convince you, I am sorrySatoshi broke.

Promising to revive EOS, Larimer said:

There has been so much good in the last fortnight that my team is about to take another few weeks to polish the white paper and prepare the brand. Let ‘s do it right so we can all come together and change the world. […] With my next document and roadmap, I am confident that we can make a difference.

Reviving EOS will not be an easy task. While the blockchain is highly scalable and free to interact, its community has been very complex for some time. Last year, the community gathered under the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) against, the developers who built the EOS blockchain. The ENF accused of deviating from the network’s original interests and objectives and failing to fulfill its promises.

More information: EOS community dismisses and blames company for neglecting network development

Larimer, who left EOS a year ago, is looking to rebrand. A month ago, he declared, «It’s time to rebrand EOS and have a renewed vision and purpose that can drive public engagement and investment in growth.» And he went on to suggest that he would like the project to be renamed.

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