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5 Best Sites For Finding Cheap Flights Without a Defined Destination

Sometimes people want to go somewhere they didn’t plan, just any fantastic destination for no reason. Unfortunately, it often happens that there’s not enough money for an expensive flight. They’re always so expensive. In fact, not always. Let me introduce 5 great resources that make it easy to plan cheap flights with no defined target destination.


The slogan of this organization is “WHERE you can go FOR what you can spend” transforms into its name. If you have no destination in mind, just write your trip financial expectations for both flight and hotel or only flight, desired days, several tourists, and place of departure. There’s an opportunity to select other advanced filters and settings you wish and push-button “Search destination” and choose the most appropriate variant for visiting.

To make a choice, one needs to use the digital map and click on the most interesting place. Next step is to see how much is the flight and hotel and then book it if you want. You can find many more options for this destination, but they may not meet your budget.

The financial approach of the Wherefore team is great. They work with the budget you currently have, and if it isn’t enough, they provide you with 12-month financing, currently at 0% interest with monthly payment.


It is one of the most useful sites for tourists. Skyscanner provides the cheapest tickets and lets you find small air companies with not so expensive fares. This site also doesn’t require an exact date and destination of your travel. All you need to write down your home town in the “From” field and find the cheapest days for a trip.

The flexibility of Skyscanner is not the last strength of this site. All cheap flights are available in convenient formats of calendar or chart. To sum up, a traveler doesn’t even need to use a desktop to find the cheapest fares. Download a mobile app on a mobile device and receive notifications about price drops.


The website is well-known by travelers practicing “Hidden City Ticketing.” It means that a flight layover for one passenger is a final destination for you instead of flying the full flight. This way of traveling is risky because it’s hard to track luggage as it may be transferred to the final destination of the whole flight. In this case, you shouldn’t plan a return trip as it may be canceled.

However, this source offers cheap tickets for normal flights, not only hidden city. The procedure is simple, and all fields are similar, as listed above. To avoid hidden-city, unclick this check-box.


Google Flights is one more useful instrument of experienced random traveler. Choose departure place and date or, for example, a trip period, and cheap flights with the best rates will be created.

In different cities, prices are different, so the interactive Explore Destinations map can help you to compare them. Your searching history and trending of Google will offer you a random destination if you use the “I’m Feeling Lucky button.”


This site has a good feature for one who couldn’t determine where to go. A beginner in tourism or random traveler can look through excellent Wanderlists and maybe choose something appropriate. For instance, “The best ski resorts of the world” or “Dream trip for dessert lovers.” When you prepare your search settings, just fill your city of departure, destination from a list of variants including “Anywhere,” “Wanderlist” or even Friends if you want to have the same trip as they had. The date field is flexible, and you can choose to travel alone or with somebody else.

The interface and functions of Adioso are friendly and straightforward. Choose between the cheapest journey, the fastest one, or the most fulfilling and the most convenient days.



This site is recommended for cheap flights too. It didn’t get into the main list only because possible departure to choose here are cities in the USA and Canada. As usual, it’s enough to determine departure city and days of the trip to let Airfare Watchdog show all its power. Popular destinations and city lists are also available for choice.

In conclusion, these 5 great tools for last-minute and random flights will make it easy to find the most wonderful, money-saving, and convenient destination.

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