Free Fire OB37: what is “Football Fire – Social Island” and “Bomb Squad” about

Free Fire players have more activities to do until the end of 2022. Learn about the dynamics to spend good hours of fun.

Free Fire OB37 arrived on all servers a couple of days ago with game modes such as “Fire Soccer – Social Island” and “Bomb Squad”. If you are not very aware of what it is about and want to know the rules well before jumping into the fray, we share the official information available in the Garena patch.

“Playing soccer on the Social Island will finally be possible in this patch! Unlike other entertainment on the island, this mode adds friendly competition to the casual environment. If you’re tired of the gunfights, make sure you come here and score some goals!” Garena specified.

FREE FIRE | Football Fire – Social Island

Mode Highlights:

  • Offensive Type – Use the Soccer Shooter to kick the ball and score goals.
  • Winning team: the team that scores the most goals.
  • Duration: 6 minutes.

FREE FIRE | Bomb Squad 5v5

“We are very excited to introduce the revamped 5v5 Bomb Squad mode! Notable changes include takedowns disabled, bomb detonation for all players, and faster gameplay. In this harrowing war of strategy, every move you make will determine the fate of you and your team. Whether engaging in head-to-head combat or having one person secretly detonate the bomb while the others distract opponents, there are numerous tactics for you to fight your own way!” Garena pointed out.

Optimization highlights:

  • Spawn Point: A much larger spawn area to allow more freedom of movement during offensive/defensive strategy communications.
  • Bomb Detonation: Each player on the offensive team will carry a bomb and any of them could detonate it.
  • Takedowns Cancelled: Eliminated players can no longer be helped.
  • El Pastelo Map Changes: The gas station platform at point B has been lowered and the front door has been widened.
  • Bomb Squad Cup 5v5: Participate in this championship during the FFWS period.

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