Free Fire OB37: why you should buy skill slots right now

Things are more than simple for Free Fire players who have the necessary resources to advance in the games with more checked characters.
The new Free Fire OB37 update significantly reduced the price of unlocking a skill slot and the requirements for Character Fragments. We recommend reviewing the following data so that you are not doing too many games to evolve your characters.

“Everything is happiness for free characters but not for high prices? Do not care anymore! In this patch, we made big adjustments to make it easier for you to have a strong character and skill portfolio,” Garena announced in the Free Fire patch notes.

Taking a look at the table of how the price was before and now, we will notice that the mandatory shards, the diamond price and the gold price have a decrease from the Third Tier to the Fourth Tier. Ultimately, players will save several thousand resources, especially gold and diamonds.

character skill levelfragmentsobligatoryPrice (in diamonds)Price (in gold)character skill levelfragmentsobligatoryPrice (in diamonds)Price (in gold)
lvl 1  → Lvl. two100301,250lvl 1  → Lvl. two100twenty1,000
lvl 2  → Lvl. 34001205,000lvl 2  → Lvl. 3300603,000
lvl 3  → Lvl. 41,00030012,500lvl 3  → Lvl. 46001206,000
lvl 4  → Lvl. 52,00060025,000lvl 4  → Lvl. 51,00020010,000
lvl 5  → Lvl. 64,0001,20050,000lvl 5  → Lvl. 61,80036018,000

Regarding the price to enable the skill spaces, Free Fire players will have a more than considerable final saving with 200 diamonds and 10 thousand gold coins, approximately, to unlock all the spaces.

SpacePrice (in diamonds)Price(in gold)SpacePrice(in diamonds)Price (in gold)
1st space402,0001st space5250
2nd space753,7502nd space10500
3rd. space1256,2503rd. spacetwenty1,000

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from November 16 to 22, 2022

  • Wednesday November 16: Gold royale.
  • Thursday 17: Tier Shops, Incubator Discount, Royale Diamonds.
  • Friday the 18th: Magic roulette diamond recharge.
  • Saturday 19: Galactic Tower, evolutionary fist recharge.
  • Monday 21: Magic roulette.
  • Tuesday 22: New incubator.

Keep in mind that all this content can be obtained by logging into the application on a daily basis. Take advantage of gathering your squad to try everything you claim on the agenda.

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