I have a lot of hope in cryptocurrencies – Joe Rogan

  • Joe Rogan has started supporting cryptocurrencies, he says he has high hopes for them.
  • Adam Curry has also said that the monetary system can no longer be trusted because it is tied to oil and sometimes leads to war.

UFC comedian and commentator Joe Rogan endorsed cryptocurrencies amid recent debates on digital currencies and the monetary system. In the 1670 episode of his podcast, he mentioned that Bitcoin is going to crash completely or is about to be used as an opportunity to find a better way to improve life. This program featured Adam Curry’s right wing podcast host, Adam Curry.

Curry declared his faith in Bitcoin and expressed his doubts about the monetary system.

There is a whole array of young people who are withdrawing, and they are moving to build parallel systems and networks. I jump on the Bitcoin train because I think my money is safer there.

According to Curry, the monetary system cannot be trusted, because its links to oil lead to wars. In addition, he said that the monetary system causes inflation and misery. Curry ‘s position on these issues has been questioned, as he has been sharply criticized by the media and the medical community for advancing conspiracy theories.

Rogan, whose podcast has about 11 million episodes per episode, has also been criticized in the past for making sex, racist, and transphobic jokes. This highlighted the positive assessment of the digital personality, as some users on Reddit do not recognize their comments very well.

A user identified as «thenudelman» posted on the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit that «Endorsed by Captain Pseudoscience. Coudiddone without it. Another user named» Dubsy 101 «posted» He is an idiot and is the last person we want to get involved with Crypto. «

Rogan’s bad stance on Bitcoin in the past

In the past, Rogan banished Bitcoin to its show, claiming it was a Ponzi scheme. However, in a February 2019 episode with former Square CEO Jack Dorsey, he promoted the Money App and even used his support for Bitcoin as a reason for people to explore it. He is also proud to have received a $ 100,000 Bitcoin payment in November.

Both controversial commentators also discussed the possibilities of the digital metaverse and the role of unmixed signals (NFTs) in this world. Rogan looked at a development in which companies set up warehouses in the metric, creating signs and asking customers to use them to buy their products.

Apple could easily do it. You would buy coins, and through those coins you would buy products… It’s almost like another version of stocks or something like that.

However, Curry does not think that is possible. According to him, institutions and governments will focus more on digital central bank (CBDC) currencies.

They will have cryptocurrencies. You will have a digital wallet. It will be straight from the Federal Reserve for you. And there will be very little retail banking – that will no longer be the case.

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