Justin Sun Wins First Seat Offer for Upcoming Blue Original Space Travel

  • Justin Sun, founder of Tron and now Grenada’s ambassador to the WTO, won the bid for the first seat on Blue Origin’s upcoming space mission.
  • In addition, launch the “Sea of ​​Space” initiative and you can nominate five companions for your space missions.

Five days ago, Justin Sun, founder of the Tron blockchain, resigned as CEO of the network. He assumed a new political role as Grenada’s ambassador and permanent representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In May, the spaceflight company backed by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin opened the bid for its first suburban sightseeing tour on the New Shepard launch rocket. Sun announced today that it has submitted the winning bid for the first seat on the spacecraft. The high-tech entrepreneur is now preparing to travel the New Shepard spacelight, along with five other crew members, in 2022. He will carry the Grenada flag on the exact voyage, making him the first international diplomat from Granada and the blockchain industry leader is reaching the space.

Blue Origin’s vision is to enable millions of people to live and work in space, for the good of the Earth. The spaceflight company successfully transported human crews to suburban space on July 20, and safely returned them to the Kármán line (the beginning of an internationally recognized space).

The latest offer from the company was $ 28 million in total, which went to its Club for the Future foundation. The club subsequently donated these funds to 19 space – related charities. The money will provide financial support to inspire future generations to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. It will also inspire the search for life in space.

Justin Sun plans a suborbital space trip

SE Justin Sun will now launch a campaign called «Sea of ​​Stars», named after the Chinese idiom «星辰 大海». The name of the initiative argues that the world is where human life came from and not where it will end. It is also part of the Sun’s space travel and marks the next frontier in the face of the boundless Sea of ​​Stars.

In the coming months, Sun will be privileged to select a group of five men and women to accompany him on his space journey. Nominees will include members of the TRON DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) community. Long-term holders of Justin Sun-related signals, such as TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, NFT and WIN, may emerge from this cohort.

Sun nominees may include exceptional leaders from the worlds of fashion, art, technology, space exploration and entrepreneurship. More details on the nomination process and criteria will be announced in the coming months.

With the rapid development of the commercial aerospace industry, entering space can become a dream that everyone can achieve in their lifetime. We are entering the era of amazing space flights. This wonderful trip requires more people to get involved, ”said HE Mr. Sun. “The Blue Origin initiative is an extraordinary initiative to bring more people into space to see the Earth as our unique communal home. The Club for the Future provides a way to use that experience to inspire young people around the world to dream and act on their science, technology and space exploration dreams. I felt compelled to help advance that vision through my candidacy.

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