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Top 10 Most Alcoholic Cocktails in the World

These colorful and tasty drinks attract party lovers worldwide. But consume them wisely or the consequences may be sad or funny. Depends on you and your drink mates.


Previously ingredients of the alcoholic cocktail, firstly made up 90 years ago in Los Angeles, were not to reveal. Years later the recipes were written down in a book about drinks Sippin’ Safari. Presence of three types of rum, Pernod and Angostura bitter make the drink potent. A mixture of cinnamon syrup, juice of grapefruit, and lime should weaken it but not too much.

Jungle Juice

95 degrees of grain alcohol together with fresh fruits are being steeped for a night and then maybe served with lemonade, for example. By the way, alcoholic fans say that this bomb has no smell of alcohol at all if prepared correctly.

Death In The Afternoon

Ernest Hemingway, great writer, was a connoisseur of alcoholic drinks as you know. He is also an author of Death in the afternoon consisting of absinthe and champagne. His own recipe of the alcoholic cocktail was published in 1935 in which he recommended drinking from 3 to 5 of the cocktails in a slow manner. You obviously rarely find the drink in the menu but bartenders usually make it by request.

Aunt Roberta

Some experts think that Aunt Roberta is the roughest cocktail known ever. As it includes only alcoholic ingredients (vodka, brandy, liquor, gin, absinthe) with a total 100-degree rate, it’s dangerous for not experienced drinkers. An author of this alcoholic gun is known to be the daughter of Alabamian slave owner who became a prostitute and offered this extreme drink to clients.


Worldwide famous Russian cocktail has only 4 ingredients: sugar, coffee, lemon, and vodka. Approach to this insane drink is curious: a combo of sugar, coffee, and lemon are getting in first of all and is being held in the mouth, then one part of vodka is added, chewed, got straight to the stomach, and finally, one more shot of vodka goes next. Combo of the ingredients forces the drink to reach the brain faster.


The Bartender’s Black Book, a Holy bible for all drinkers and bartenders, has one interesting potent recipe. Whiskey, absinthe and Peychaud’s bitter make this drink almost fatal for a human. Sorry, we forgot about a cube of sugar that’s added to the drink but it doesn’t change the game.

Caribou Lou

Mix up Malibu, juice of pineapple, and 151 rum and get one of the most delicious cocktails in this list. You’ll drink at least 3 or 4 of Caribou Lou before you feel how powerful it is as the 151 rum is known as almost the strongest alcoholic cocktails nowadays.

Long Island Ice Tea

Every student knows how to make this rough party maker. Bring all you have on the table and mix it. What do we have? Vodka, rum, triple sec, tequila, gin, Cola, and lemon juice together with sugar syrup. Meet this potent guest, and your graduation party will succeed.

Bone Dry Martini

Another example totally made of alcohol. It contains three kinds of alcohol: vodka, gin, and soft wine vermouth that allow this mix to be pretty soft and not too much dry. This martini has been known for a very long time, and beloved by many generations of drinkers.


Drink two or more doses of Negroni, a very popular alcoholic cocktail born in Italy, and your evening is over. Gin, vermouth, Campari, and an orange slice make an unforgettable bitter taste that is respected by the world bartenders’ brotherhood.

Escher Booko

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