Navigating Segway Riding Risks and Insurance

Since their introduction in 2000, Segway personal transporters have become a popular and convenient mode of transportation in various settings, from offices and malls to tourist destinations. While these vehicles offer a fun and efficient way to get around, like any motorized vehicles, riding Segways comes with certain risks. Much like automobile insurance, Segway insurance can cover injuries, property damage, and even theft. Here’s what you need to know about Segway riding risks and insurance coverage:

Understanding Segway Personal Transporters

  • A Segway is a motorized personal vehicle with two wheels, a platform for feet, an axle, and upright handles.
  • Segways were designed to revolutionize transportation, although their sales never reached the expected levels.
  • Segways can reach speeds exceeding 12 mph and are commonly used in crowded areas with pedestrians and vehicles.

Personal Transporter Risks

  • Despite their engineering and complexity, Segways require proper safety protocol to operate safely.
  • Riders should follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and wear protective gear, including helmets.
  • Accidents and injuries can still occur, but injury statistics specifically for Segway usage are limited.

Theft Risks

Segways are challenging to steal due to their weight and size, but their value can make them attractive targets for theft.

Segway Insurance Coverage

  • Segway insurance covers injuries, property damage, and theft, similar to automobile insurance.
  • Insurance can be purchased as a rider or endorsement to existing auto or recreational vehicle policies.
  • Some standalone policies are designed specifically for Segway-related losses.

Types of Coverage Available:

  • Liability coverage: Protects against injuries and property damage caused by the rider.
  • Theft coverage: Covers the theft of the Segway.
  • Property damage coverage: Pays for damage to the Segway.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Absorbs costs from vandalism or weather-related damage.
  • Medical payments insurance: Helps cover medical expenses resulting from accidents.

While riding a Segway can be an enjoyable experience, having insurance coverage in case of accidents or theft is essential. If you’re an owner-rider or a business utilizing personal transporters, it’s crucial to understand your coverage options. Consult an insurance agent to learn more about the types of Segway insurance available and find the right protection for your needs.

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