NBA Youngboy Net Worth: the meteoric rise of Soundcloud rapper

She tried to make it seem like my music’s making people die. That’s exactly what she said to me in court. – NBA Youngboy

If you’re a fan of hip hop, you’re likely familiar with the name NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy ‘Never Broke Again.’ He’s an American rapper and songwriter who has amassed a net worth of $6 million. NBA YoungBoy burst onto the music scene in 2015 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the industry’s brightest talents.

By 2017, he had independently released six mixtapes, solidifying his status as one of the prominent SoundCloud rappers who made a mark in the industry. He gained mainstream recognition with his hit single, ‘Outside Today,’ from his debut studio album ‘Until Death Call My Name.’ NBA YoungBoy’s success in the music world has propelled him to significant financial success, with a notable net worth to his name.

Net Worth:$6  Million
📆 DOB:October 20, 1999
🌎 Country of Origin:United States of America
💲 Source of Wealth:Rapper

NBA YoungBoy skyrocketed to fame with his 2019 hit single ‘Bandit’ and his chart-topping album “Al YoungBoy 2.” Starting his career at just 14 years old, he released his first mixtape, ‘Life Before Fame.’

Notably, NBA YoungBoy has a history of criminal activity and has been associated with incidents of crime and murder. This unique background has lent him authenticity among his fans and has contributed to his rapid rise in the hip hop industry. He stands out as one of the few rap artists with a genuine criminal past, adding to his reputation and notoriety in the music world.

NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy – The Early Years

NBA YoungBoy, originally named Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was born in 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is the son of Ken and Kacey Gaulden, but his father was incarcerated for a failed robbery when NBA YoungBoy was just a child, resulting in a 55-year prison sentence.

Due to his father’s absence and his mother abandoning him and his siblings, NBA YoungBoy was raised by his grandmother. At a young age, he suffered a neck injury from a fall, which required him to wear a head brace for protection, leaving permanent scars on his forehead and impacting his self-confidence.

However, after eventually removing the brace, he regained his sense of self but turned to a life of crime. NBA YoungBoy dropped out of high school and joined a local gang, following in his father’s footsteps.

He was arrested for robbery and subsequently sentenced to a detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana. It was during this time that NBA YoungBoy started writing rap lyrics. Sadly, his grandmother passed away while he was in the detention center.

Upon his release, NBA YoungBoy stayed with his friend and fellow rapper NBA 3Three, and the duo formed a crime gang, engaging in robberies and thefts to fund their pursuit of music by paying for studio time.

NBA Youngboy – Criminal Life

NBA YoungBoy had a troubled past as a career criminal, continuing to commit crimes even as his music career gained momentum. Some notable incidents include his arrest in Austin, Texas for firing shots at a group of pedestrians on the street.

He was found guilty by the court on two counts of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm, and initially sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, he managed to avoid a lengthy jail term and was instead placed on three years of active probation.

In 2018, NBA YoungBoy was arrested again for alleged kidnapping, assault, and weapons violations, and was released on bail. While serving his probation in 2019, he was shot by a suspect in a black Cadillac Escalade and returned fire. The charges were ultimately dismissed, but he violated his probation by associating with known criminals.

As a result, he served 90 days in jail and was placed on house arrest, during which he was banned from performing for 14 months. In 2020, NBA YoungBoy found himself in more legal trouble after being arrested for his involvement in a drug manufacturing and distribution ring, as well as possessing stolen firearms.

He was arrested once again in 2021 on a Federal warrant and attempted to flee from federal agents. NBA YoungBoy was released from a Louisiana county jail in October 2021, and is currently serving the remainder of his sentence under house arrest.

Despite his numerous encounters with the law, involvement in drugs, firearms, and murder, NBA YoungBoy continues to maintain a thug-like persona that is respected by some in the rap community and his fans, which has contributed to his fame in the music industry.

NBA Youngboy – Career

NBA YoungBoy kickstarted his rap career with the release of his independently produced mixtape, ‘Life Before Fame.’ This was followed by a string of successful mixtapes including ‘Mind of a Menace,’ ‘Before I Go,’ and ’38 Baby.’

One notable collaboration was with rappers Boosie Badazz and Stroke Tha Don on the mixtape ’38 Baby.’ During this time, NBA YoungBoy gained attention for engaging in a beef with rapper Scotty Cain, with both artists exchanging death threats through diss tracks.

NBA YoungBoy’s reputation grew further after his arrest in Austin, Texas. Despite being imprisoned in East Baton Rouge Parish, he continued to release music, including the mixtapes ‘AI YoungBoy’ and ‘Until Death Call My Name,’ with the music video for the track ’41’ serving as the lead single for his album ‘AI YoungBoy’ in 2017.

The single ’41’ became NBA YoungBoy’s biggest hit, reaching number 24 on the Billboard 200 chart. He followed up with the release of singles such as ‘Untouchable’ and ‘No Smoke.’ In 2018, NBA YoungBoy achieved breakthrough success with his hit single ‘Outside Today,’ which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2018, NBA YoungBoy released his debut studio album titled ‘Until Death Call My Name,’ which peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart. Soon after, he also dropped another mixtape called ‘Master the Day of Judgement.’

During the summer, NBA YoungBoy released a series of EPs, followed by mixtapes like ‘Decided’ and ‘Realer.’ By January 2019, Kentrell, as he is also known, became one of YouTube’s Top Music Artists, thanks to his popular videos on the platform. His YouTube channel has now amassed nearly 12 million subscribers, with several of his videos garnering tens of millions of views.

After completing his house arrest, NBA YoungBoy released the hit single ‘Bandit’ in October 2019. The track was a collaboration with fellow rapper Juice Wrld and peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming NBA YoungBoy’s highest-charting work at the time.

Towards the end of 2019, he dropped his second studio album, ‘Al YoungBoy 2,’ which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. The album received over 144 million downloads in its first week, making it one of the most-streamed albums of the year.

NBA YoungBoy continued his streak of success with the mixtape ‘Still Flexin, Still Steppin’ and ’38 Baby 2.’ The latter debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. He then released the album ‘Top,’ which also reached the number one spot on the chart later that year. The album spawned several hit singles, including ‘Kacey Talk,’ ‘All In,’ and ‘My Window,’ all of which charted on the Hot 100.

NBA Youngboy – Personal Life

NBA YoungBoy is known to have fathered eight children with seven different women, and there are rumors suggesting that he may have more unreported children with other women. The rapper has openly stated that he is not interested in committed relationships and prefers to have sexual relationships with multiple partners.

In addition to his various relationships, NBA YoungBoy was also romantically involved with Yaya Mayweather, who is the daughter of the renowned boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, in 2019. The couple had a child together before eventually ending their relationship.

NBA YoungBoy – Beef

The rappers previously joined forces on the songs “Cross Me” and “One Shot” before their relationship soured. In 2022, Lil Durk released a track called “AHHH Ha” which contained disses aimed at NBA YoungBoy. Shortly after the release of Lil Durk’s track, NBA YoungBoy fired back with his response titled “Bring the Hook,” featuring lyrics such as:

“YoungBoy they gon’ kill you, you better stop dissin’ ’em / Tell them ni**as f**k ’em / Man, they know that I ain’t scared of ’em.”

The track sees YoungBoy referencing Lil Durk’s late cousin ‘OTF Nunu,’ as well as taking a shot at his fiancée India Royale and King Von.

“Pussy bitch dissin’ me / Mad about his dead homie.”

NBA YoungBoy also dissed the rapper Gucci Mane,

“Used to f**k with Gucci till I see he like them pussy ni**as.”

He also took a stab at Lil Baby,

“Baby wit’ ’em / 4PF, four poles fire at ’em.”

The rapper disses Boosie Badazz,

“Feelin’ like Boosie don’t even like me / Bitch, don’t call my phone”) and reveals his beef with Apple Music (“Tell Apple I said f**k ’em.”

NBA YoungBoy Turns Down $25 Million

Reports have surfaced claiming that the rapper turned down a lucrative record contract with a major label that would have significantly increased his net worth overnight. Currently signed with Atlantic Records, NBA YoungBoy allegedly does not plan to renew his contract with the label when it expires in 2022, according to insiders in the music industry.

DJ Akademiks, known for breaking news on social media, shared the story, stating that NBA YoungBoy declined a staggering $25 million offer to renew his contract with Atlantic Records. This decision has left many industry insiders puzzled as to why the rapper would take this unconventional approach to his music business.

In his social media posts, DJ Akademiks explained, “NBA YoungBoy is leaving. He will not be re-signing. He didn’t like their offers. I can tell you they offered him like $25 million, and he turned it down. He doesn’t want it. He’s good.” Akademiks further revealed that NBA YoungBoy wants to be independent and free from the constraints of a record deal with Atlantic Records in order to have more creative control over his music and career.

Although NBA YoungBoy has not officially confirmed his decision to the media, sources close to the rapper have stated that he rejected the deal due to unfavorable terms. He reportedly sees Atlantic Records as an adversary to his career and financial success rather than a partner. The rapper believes that he can potentially earn more by independently releasing his music, despite the substantial offer from Atlantic Records.

In February 2022, NBA YoungBoy took to social media to express his grievances with Atlantic Records, warning others against signing with the label. He accused them of past blackballing due to his criminal history and extensive legal record.

NBA YoungBoy – Assets

NBA YoungBoy indulges in a lavish lifestyle, displaying a fondness for opulent watches from luxury brand Richard Mille and exotic cars. His collection includes multiple Mercedes Benz models, a Lexus, a Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet.

The rapper owns residences in New York City, Los Angeles, and Louisiana, frequently moving between them as he travels across the country. Renowned for his extravagant spending habits, NBA YoungBoy often shares videos on social media splurging on high-end fashion items at luxury boutiques such as LV and Gucci, among others.

NBA Youngboy Quotes

Won’t show no sympathy ‘Cause it’s a dirty game. I know they don’t feel my pain. Can’t let ’em end my name.

So much love so much passion it won’t ever end. I can see these haters faces, yeah I got ’em mad.

No matter what i’m going through I hold my head high. On everything for what I love I’d get crucified.

Your opps changed up on me. Bout it I won’t complain. Can’t let you get to me. Give a f*ck what you thinkin.

Claim they ridin’ Imma see who really with me, yeah. I went hard and I finally really did it.

Remember being on that block posted up trying to find me a way to come up. Had to get off my ass, had to find me a jugg for to try to run it up.

Play your role. Newer fw somebody more that they fw you cause they’ll use your heart agains you.

We all got the same 24 hours.. the time you spend speaking on me you could be getting yourself right.

I be pretending like I’m heartless, when shit constantly getting to me every day.

To me blood doesn’t define family loyalty does, cause it’s people that I’m related to that I don’t even consider family.

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