OKEx processed 25 billion transactions worth $ 21 trillion in 2021, and says NFTs and meta-analysis will have a major impact in 2022

  • OKEx has processed $ 21 trillion in the past year, out of 25 billion trades made in 2021, and listed 220 new cryptocurrency trading pairs.
  • CEO Jay Hao claims there will be a bull in the second quarter of 2022 in the cryptocurrency market, as regulations take over.

2021 was a great year for cryptocurrencies, as market capitalization rose to $ 3 trillion and most tokens hit new all-time highs. This price rise and the increased adoption of stock exchanges were successful, with one of the largest in the world revealing how good the year was. OKEx processed transactions worth $ 21 trillion from 25 billion transactions in 2021.

In a blog post, the exchange revealed that its user base has grown to 20 million users in more than 100 regions worldwide. With $ 21 trillion processed, OKEx became one of the largest exchanges in the world in 2021. It added 220 new trading pairs in the past year.

The exchange released some new features and integration, «ranging from industry-leading enhancements, such as our systems and method, to third-party integrations, including with Lightning Network, Polygon, and Algorand«.

And like any other cryptocurrency company, OKEx immersed itself in the world of DeFi, launching DeFi’s dedicated mode on its website and app. OKEx DeFi includes a market for the breakdown and trading of NFTs. It also comes with a blockchain gaming hub, another sector that saw accelerated growth in 2021.

OKEx DeFi was one of the main sponsors of DCentral Miami, an event that took place a month ago that brought together NFTs and DeFi.

In the United States, Coinbase was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after attempting to launch a loan product. OKEx did not have these problems, as its OKEx Earn product saw $ 5.1 billion staked and blocked by users throughout 2021. It paid more than $ 300 million in passive revenue to its users.

Despite how big 2021 was, CEO Jay Hao believes this year will be even bigger. He noted that this year will see continued growth as cryptocurrencies continue to make their way into mainstream financial circles.

He said:

The global cryptocurrency industry needs a homogeneous regulatory framework. We strongly support countries around the world that adhere to FATF standards to ensure a transparent and investor – friendly cryptocurrency ecosystem.

While DeFi and NFTs will continue to dominate the market, Hao believes stable will also see explosive growth.

“Not only will they act as a storage asset, but they will also act as an important asset to beat inflation. We will see the rise of the stable with more crypto companies launching their stables to provide much needed diversification for investors, ”he said.

OKEx was founded in 2017 and, within a year, skyrocketed to global dominance, inspired by its extensive roster of trading pairs. In 2018, it was the largest exchange in the world by size of business before Binance ended up exploding to dominate the market. Incorporated in the Seychelles, OKEx is owned by the same holding company that operates the OkCoin exchange.

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