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OnlyFans Alternatives (Free & Paid): 14 More Sites Like OnlyFans

Create additional, passive income with these 14 alternatives to OnlyFans from your content posts.

Looking for OnlyFans Alternatives? Explore These 14 Options for Passive Income

OnlyFans gained massive popularity in 2021 and 2022, with millions of users joining the platform to share their pics and videos with eager fans. With a reported 128% user growth in 2021 and 170 million registered users in 2022, it’s no wonder that some top creators on OnlyFans are making millions of dollars per month, with Blac Chyna reportedly earning $20 million and Cardi B earning nearly $10 million monthly.

However, the reality is that becoming a superstar creator on OnlyFans is highly competitive, and most creators earn only an average of $180 per month. So, if you’re looking for better options to monetize your content and create a side income, why not explore some alternatives to OnlyFans?

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 OnlyFans alternatives that can help you generate passive income from your content. Whether you’re a creator looking to diversify your income streams or someone new to the world of content creation, these alternatives offer potential opportunities for additional revenue.

Don’t limit yourself to OnlyFans – check out these alternatives and explore the possibilities of creating a side income from your content!

Fun with Feet – Indulge in Foot Fetish Fun!

If you’re into foot fetishes, look no further than Fun with Feet! This platform is gaining popularity as a go-to site for content creators to showcase their cute feet and earn income from fan subscriptions. With customizable subscription tiers and the ability to release exclusive content for each fan level, you can monetize your foot content like a pro!

Top creators on Fun with Feet are reportedly making up to $70k per month, so why miss out on this opportunity to skyrocket to superstardom?

On Fun with Feet, you can upload feet pictures and videos to create your very own ‘Feet Album.’ While adult content is not allowed on this platform, it is still the best site for posting feet-based content and connecting with foot fetish enthusiasts.

Similar to OnlyFans, Fun with Feet also allows you to make money by accepting tips from your fans. You can even offer custom content requests in exchange for tips, creating multiple income streams for your account and maximizing your earnings.

For more information on how to sell your feet pics, be sure to check out our complete guide!


A Subscription-Based Platform for Adult Content Creators

If you’re looking to earn from posting racy pics and videos, Fancentro is another popular platform to consider. While explicit content is not allowed on your profile, you can still upload all the sexy content you desire to your account.

Similar to OnlyFans, Fancentro offers a subscription-based model that allows you to customize subscription plans for your fans through the ‘Perks’ feature. You can also connect your account to your Fancentro feed and social media, and even receive requests for custom videos and images.

Setting up content subscription tiers for your fans and providing free trials to curious fans are just some of the options available on Fancentro. You can also offer discounts for longer-term subscriptions and choose your minimum payout amount, with a two-week hold on payouts.

To promote your account, you can utilize the Fancentro Directory, which allows you to connect with potential fans directly. Keep in mind that Fancentro charges a 25% flat rate on all income generated through the platform.

So, if you’re an adult content creator looking to monetize your racy content, Fancentro is worth considering as a platform to showcase your talent and earn income from your dedicated fans.


IsMyGirl is a popular alternative to OnlyFans that allows adult content. It offers multiple income streams for creators, including subscription tiers, tips, and custom content feeds.

With IsMyGirl, you can earn in various ways. You can set up referrals, where your fans can earn money by promoting your account to their social network. You can also create premium videos for top subscribers and interact with your fans through live streams.

Locked messages, tips for special content requests, and custom videos are other options for earning on this platform. Additionally, you can offer 1-on-1 fancams for a personalized experience with your fans. IsMyGirl provides a versatile income model that rivals OnlyFans., or Meet Your Model, is a platform that connects creators and professional adult models with their fans. It allows for personal interaction with fans, building a strong connection to optimize earnings.

You can promote your account through social media and convert followers into paying subscribers. also offers subscription tiers, and professional production studios can set up commercial accounts on the site.

Creators can post both private and public content, with private content being behind a paywall. You can use your public profile to entice fans with teaser content and encourage them to subscribe. Custom content requests like videos and pictures can be fulfilled, and you can send push media messages to fans through direct messages.

Group messages can also be sent to non-subscribers to tease them into signing up for your account. charges a 20% commission on earnings from the platform.

Please note that all platforms mentioned in the article are adult-based and involve explicit content. Users must comply with the terms and conditions of each platform and ensure that they are following relevant laws and regulations.


Loyalfans is a platform that provides creators and influencers with an opportunity to build their online following and monetize their content. It caters to various types of content, including adult-based, information-based, and commercial content.

Creators on Loyalfans have multiple options for earning income through the platform. They can connect with their fans and share their content, including commercial content from companies and brands, and even include their own logo in their profile.

However, there are certain technical requirements on the site. Creators must sign a contract for the terms of service and notify the platform if they intend to upload adult content. They also need to upload a valid photo ID to verify their identity.

Earning options on Loyalfans include subscriptions, live streaming, personal content requests, video store sales, and the referral program. Subscriptions can range from $1 to $50, and creators can even charge up to $500 for a single post. Additional features such as video calling, live broadcasts, and direct messaging are also available for creators to enhance their earnings.


Fanvue is another popular alternative to OnlyFans. It hosts content in various genres, including adult entertainment. Fanvue’s discoverability feature is similar to Instagram, making it easy for fans to find their favorite creators and browse through free content from interesting accounts.

One unique feature of Fanvue is its NFT (Non-Fungible Token) option, which allows followers to purchase exclusive copyrighted digital content. Creators can also share promotional videos through their profiles to quickly convert followers into fans.

Fanvue provides an earnings calculator that estimates earnings based on subscriptions, tips, custom content requests, and direct message requests. The platform also offers one of the best commission models, taking only 15% of earnings for the first 12 months and 20% thereafter.

In addition, Fanvue offers a 5% referral bonus for fans who bring in new subscribers to a creator’s account, earning a lifetime commission as long as the referral remains subscribed.

Please note that all platforms mentioned in the article may have their own terms and conditions, and users must comply with them as well as relevant laws and regulations, particularly when it comes to adult content.


For adult content creators looking for an alternative to OnlyFans, iFans is a platform worth considering. It boasts a large community of adult creators, but also accommodates content from other genres. With one of the best referral programs in the industry, iFans charges a 20% commission on earnings made through the platform.

iFans provides creators with an analytics dashboard to track their account progress and subscriber growth, offering valuable data for growing their influencer business on the site. Creators can set up subscription tiers, receive custom content requests, DMs, and even host live streaming videos.

One unique feature of iFans is the mutual tagging feature, which allows creators to share their content with other influencers’ audiences on the platform, leveraging each other’s following. This “Share for Share” model can be a powerful tool for quickly growing a subscriber base.


Fanso offers a subscription-based marketplace for creators to connect with their community. Unlike other platforms that take a portion of earnings, Fanso charges an upfront fee of $699 for a self-hosted starter account. Creators can also choose to self-host or partner with someone who pays them a commission for leveraging their fan base and account.

Fanso claims to be the closest representation of OnlyFans, with access to the platform’s clone code and high customizability, allowing creators to differentiate their marketplace from others. Custom pricing tiers for subscriptions, unlimited streaming minutes, and the ability to monetize live streaming content with tokens are some of the features offered by Fanso. Additionally, creators can run an eCommerce store for merch sales, including digital and physical products.


Formerly known as ‘FanPage,’ Okfans is a platform that encourages creators to plan their content strategy for regular uploads. The platform also offers a creator community feature, allowing collaboration with other creators to leverage audiences.

Okfans charges a 20% commission on creator earnings and provides options for charging fans for subscriptions at various tiers, custom content, and DMs, as well as accepting tips. Creators can post pictures and videos, and even live stream to their followers. Private and public content can be published, with tiers to attract more subscribers to an account. The platform also has a referral program that offers fans a 5% referral commission for the lifetime of the referral membership to a creator’s account.


Patreon is a popular choice for creators who do not produce adult content. If you have a YouTube channel and want to avoid using the ‘Join’ Subscription model, Patreon offers a viable alternative. YouTube subscriptions charge creators a hefty 30% commission on their subscriptions.

Patreon, on the other hand, charges a 12% subscription commission, making it a high-value platform for content creators. It is favored by comedians, adventurers, and creators from various genres. However, it’s important to note that Patreon does not allow adult content on its site.

Creators can set up content for mature audiences, but they need to notify the management of their intention to do so. Patreon allows for setting up subscription tiers for fans and offers monthly payouts.


Fantime allows creators to connect their websites to the platform, driving traffic to their landing pages and social media accounts. Creators have the freedom to choose their domain and customize their accounts with custom logos and colors for a unique look.

Monthly subscription fees on Fantime range from $5 to $50, with the platform taking a 20% commission from earnings. Creators also have options for accepting tips from fans and creating custom content upon request.


Fansly allows creators to sign up as models on the platform. Professional models receive a verification checkmark within 24 hours, making it a great choice for influencers on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Top models on Fansly reportedly earn up to $10,000. Users can follow their favorite creators’ accounts, with options for both private and public content. Public content is free, while private content requires a subscription fee.


Friendsonly is a platform that closely resembles OnlyFans, with a similar look and feel. Users can sign up for subscriptions to their favorite content creators, with options to create tiers at different price levels. However, Friendsonly strictly prohibits content that does not comply with the law.

While it may not be suitable for adult-themed content, Friendsonly can be a great choice for influencers looking to monetize their following. The platform offers built-in features to connect with social media accounts and attract followers to subscribe to custom content.


ManyVids is another alternative to OnlyFans, catering specifically to adult content creators. This adult-themed eCommerce community offers a platform for providing subscriptions to fans, with tiered options available. ManyVids has a Canadian-based presence and offers a mix of OnlyFans and Twitch-like features.

Creators on ManyVids can live stream to their fans, receive tips, and take custom content requests through DMs, among other features. The platform also allows for setting up a store to sell merchandise and digital products. The live streaming feature on ManyVids enables creators to accept tips using the platform’s native token, similar to Twitch.

Please note that all the platforms mentioned in this article have their respective terms of service and guidelines, and it’s important to review and comply with them as a content creator.

In Conclusion – Consider Multiple Alternatives or Diversify on Various Platforms

While OnlyFans has gained immense popularity, it’s not the only option for content creators. Instead of competing with millions of users on a single platform, you can grow your following more rapidly by exploring these alternative platforms.

Whether you create adult content, comedy, or lifestyle material, there are several viable OnlyFans alternatives in this review to consider. By diversifying your presence across different platforms, you can expand your reach and increase your chances of success.

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