The Trump couple is divided on Bitcoin and general position on cryptocurrencies

  • The Trump couple expressed conflicting views on Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general.
  • Melania Trump praised BTC and launched her own NFTs, although Trump firmly believes that «making cryptocurrencies is a very dangerous thing to do.»

Among U.S. presidents, Donald J Trump was the most outspoken opponent against cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC). His comments were not without opposition from strong supporters of cryptocurrencies, which see digital assets as a kind of path to financial freedom. Interestingly enough, recent developments put his wife, Melania Trump, in the crypto enthusiasts category, contrary to her husband ‘s long – standing stance on the subject.

In mid-December, Melania launched her non-fungible signal platform (NFT) on the Solana blockchain. Named «Vision of Melania», the NFTs were compressed through a partnership between Melania and French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. Melania says they are a combination of two of her passions: art and a willingness to help others.

And just today, Melania wished 13 happy years for Bitcoin along with other notable Bitcoin enthusiasts including former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. He also pointed out that the market capitalization of the cryptoasset exceeded $ 1 trillion.

Bitcoin market capitalization has been reported to exceed $ 1 trillion. Today is the 13th year of the Bitcoin Genesis blockchain. Happy anniversary.

Trump and Melania’s controversial views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

However, most of the comments questioned her interest, pointing to her husbands’ relentless opposition to Bitcoin. Two of them said:

Okay, this is getting weird with Melania …

Doesn’t Donald Hate Bitcoin?

Some of the crypto community praised Melania’s interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. However, according to some political activists this is a mere thing to get her husband back in the White House. Trump has already confirmed his interest in running for the U.S. presidency in 2024. In addition, Melania’s attempt at the NFT was her first public initiative since she left the White House. A poll conducted by Grayscale in December showed that 26% of the American adult population, perhaps the group that the first woman wants to capture, owns Bitcoin.

What makes things less clear is Trump’s recommendation to his wife’s NFT company:

He’s going to do great … He’s great imagination. And people love our ex-first lady, I promise you. They do it, they love it.

At present, it is not very clear how things will turn out as they both have conflicting views and plans regarding cryptocurrencies. Trump’s views on cryptocurrencies include:

Bitcoin, it looks like a scam. I do not like it because it is another currency that competes with the dollar.

[Las criptomonedas] they could be a disaster waiting to happen.

… There could be an explosion one day, the kind we have never seen. It will make the big tech explosion look like a child’s thing.

I think crypto is a very dangerous thing.

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