These are 10 of the most beautiful Cuban women you should know

With a mix of African, Latin American, and European blood, it’s no wonder that Cubans are among the most beautiful women in the world. And the fact that this Caribbean nation is full of beautiful beaches and a fascinating culture gives these women a special “hot” aura. Today we present you 10 of the most beautiful Cuban celebrities, some of which enjoy international fame.  

1. Daisy Fuentes

If you lived in the 90s, this name will surely ring a bell. Daisy Fuentes, born in Havana, is a model, presenter and actress who rose to fame as the first Latina VJ on the MTV music channel. This led her to be the image of big brands like Revlon.

The celebrity, who is currently 55 years old, moved with her family to Spain when she was three years old, and to the United States when she was seven. She is currently the presenter of “La Voz Kids” on the Telemundo channel, and she is still as beautiful as she was decades ago. She is married to the famous American musician Richard Marx.