«We want Cardano»: ADA wins Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter poll on best alternative to Ether

  • ADA received 42 percent of more than 600,000 votes in an online poll conducted by Vitalik Buterin on what is the best currency to use in 2035 other than Ethereum.
  • TRON Binance Coin and NEO also won in the second poll, amid claims about bot voting.

It’s the year 2035. You’re probably a robot-butler, and visiting Mars with Elon Musk’s rocket is now a holiday destination. Uber has debuted flying taxis, and for those who choose to drive, the days of wheelbarrow are behind us as self – driving cars take over. For whatever reason, Ethereum failed along the way as a currency. So which currency would you like to use: Bitcoin, Cardano (ADA) or US dollars?

This was the poll given by Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, to his 3.1 million Twitter followers (excluding the robot butlers and flying taxis, of course).

600,000 Twitter users voted on the poll and, to the surprise of many, it was not Bitcoin or the dollar that got the love, but ADA.

The result was a bit surprising. Cardano has its share of fans and a strong community. However, the BTC optimizers would be expected to be the largest in the industry. But in a way, it illustrates the challenge that BTC has always faced: the inability to act as a medium of exchange, since its fees are sky – high and its set time is much longer than that of Cardano.

ADA’s victory comes in the polls despite Cardano not having the best year in 2021, compared to some of its competitors. While it reached a new high of $ 3.09 in September last year, its gains declined in 2021 with coins such as Solana, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Terra, and Avalanche.

Cardano also lost his place in the top five when he was caught by Solana and USD Coin. It is now in seventh place, just above XRP, another project that had a remarkable year, being the only sign of the top ten that a new high was not achieved in 2021.

At press time, ADA is trading at $ 1.27, with a small gain in the last day. It is trading 58 percent below its all-time high, the biggest drop in the top ten except for XRP, which is down 80 percent.

Cardano’s market capitalization is now $ 42 billion. While a big drop from the previous hards, it’s still bigger than the PC maker, eCommerce giant eBay and Spotify.

Despite the lack of major price movements, Cardano remains at the top of the list of developer activity.

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Jean Simmons

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