What you should know about national insurance after marriage

Congratulations on your marriage! This major life change brings with it adjustments not only in your personal life but also in your financial and insurance needs. Here are five ways your insurance company can help you during this new and exciting stage of your life together:

Multi-Policy Discounts

Combining insurance policies can result in substantial savings. For example, insuring your and your spouse’s cars may qualify you for a special multi-car discount.

If you own a home, consider bundling your auto insurance with your home insurance to enjoy additional savings.

Group Affiliation Discounts

Check if you or your spouse are members of alumni or other membership organizations, as this could make you eligible for additional discounts.

Comprehensive Solutions

Review your renters or homeowners insurance policy to ensure it adequately covers all your combined possessions, including items like computers, smartphones, jewelry, and wedding gifts.

Consider adding Brand New Belongings® coverage, which provides funds to repair or replace your possessions in case of damage, destruction, or theft.

Expert Advice

Periodically evaluate your insurance coverage, especially after significant life changes like marriage. Schedule an On Your Side® Review, a free consultation, to assess how married life affects your insurance needs.

On Your Side® Service

Some insurers prioritize exceptional customer service. Find answers to your questions, experienced and honest advice, and advocacy for your needs.

Contact a licensed representative to ensure you and your spouse have the right level of protection.

Marriage is a wonderful milestone and insurance companies are here to help you navigate the insurance aspects of this new chapter of your life.

Please note that this is a general overview and specific insurance needs may vary. For personalized advice and information about insurance offers, consider speaking with an agent or insurance company representative.

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